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The Nigerian music industry see's over $100 Million in revenue every year.

Every artist needs vuga with the rate

At which the african music industry keeps growing.

V.M.A is your one-stop-shop to access and get in on the action

Our Mission

We plan to ensure every Professional,
Semi-professional and upcoming artist can have "all" their content easily accessable to the global world.

Media coverage

With the high cost that comes with marketing yourself as an artist, as well as the technical difficulties
that come with that cost, its very important for every upcoming artist to have their content easily accessible to the general public

AFROBIOS a subsidiary of V.M.A, was created for the everyday artist who needs a go-to-spot for all their content and information about their music, neatly packed into a digital EPK that can be easily be read, edited, updated by the artist, their fans or even the general public

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Unlimited Song Upload


Music Curator / CMP

Certified Music profesional

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to join our team. if you are a music lover,
critic or producer and you feel you
have what it takes to be a part of the team,
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