Vuga Music Inc.

Originally founded in 2012 by Ralph Amachree and Lawal Adebisi as a music streaming platform, Vuga Music Inc, now an Afrobeats focused music publishing and distribution company provides administrative, data maintenance, and royalty collection of unpaid revenue from digital streaming services for writers, producers, composers, and artists globally. Nigerian Creators turn to Vuga Music to protect their copyrights, help them manage and control their assets, & get them paid for their work.

Vuga Music is 100% independent and at Vuga Music Inc, our core beliefs are built on transparency and efficiency. With an ever growing global network, we are not only able to pitch artists songs for TV shows, feature films and advertisements we are also able to ensure additional revenue streams for clients we represent both in the United State and Africa.


We distribute your music and ensure that the maintenance of your metadata is of the highest possible quality and compatible with every global digital distribution standard.

publishing admin

We collect publishing, recording, and other related data and ingest it in an easily accessible internal data warehouse for efficient monitoring, retrieval, and distribution.


We license, research, collect and distribute interactive streaming royalties and ensure our clients are accurately paid from all Digital Service Providers around the world.

data rights management

Simplify royalty tracking and collection to ensure fair compensation and free musicians to focus on their artistic ability rather than the administrative work.

protect your right

Register all titles with the US Copyright Office for recordation.

music licensing & clearance

Get the most value for your music. Grant rights to your music for sync licensing, television, advertising & games.

Amazing Music

'Nuff said, right? We want to be inspired. All genres are accepted during the application and distribution process, but we want it to be awesome, unique, cool, and innovative.

A Strong and Consistent Brand

You've got a strong and original visual brand across all of your social channels, websites, and cover art. We look at your main website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and SoundCloud.

Fan Engagement & Audience Strategy

You or your artists are active across social media and DSPs and have an engaged, active, and growing audience. We look for # of followers, growth statistics, and the general health of an artist's community.

Traction on Digital Service Providers

You have strong and growing monthly listeners on Spotify and Apple Music. You're killing it on SoundCloud or YouTube.

If your music is being distributed, performed worldwide, and you don't have a publishing deal, your royalties are sitting in collection societies around the world waiting to be claimed by you. The problem is that in order to collect these royalties, you need direct relationships with each society in each territory. Doing this takes time, paperwork, and a lot of upfront fees. Worst of all, if you don't register in time to collect your royalties, the collection societies will retain the royalties and you will miss out on additional revenue. Did you know for every $5 you earn in streaming revenue there's over $2 in additional publishing money waiting to be collected? Give yourself the opportunity to earn your whole slice of the pie.

Vuga Music Playlists

Streetz Inspires

Inspirational and motivational songs by Nigerians that make music for the streets.

Palmwine Groove

New Sounds from Africa - Compiled by Dj Steeve of Vuga Music Inc.

African Diva

Afro Queens from all over Africa.


Premium Rap, Hip Hop, Trap from Africa.

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